Click & Collect Partner

Becoming a Click & Collect Partner with Décathlon is a fantastic way to get involved in the Décathlon Community. The benefits our partners enjoy have been helping our local sports communities grow, as well as introducing new opportunities and potential into our partners’ businesses.

What does a Click & Collect Partner do?

In short, your business will become a pick-up point for Décathlon customers who are too far from one of our store locations. When a customer orders some sporting goods online, they can select your business as a pick-up location. Décathlon will then ship you the items and the customer can collect their purchase within a few days!

Becoming a Click & Collect Partner means going through our approval process to make sure you can meet Décathlon’s standards of service.

Some basics about your business:

You have a sports-related business

Your business is easily accessible to the public

You have at least 200 sq. ft. of storage space to accommodate Décathlon products

Your business allows signage and marketing materials for Décathlon

Benefits of being a Click & Collect Partner

Up to 2% commission on all orders picked up in your store

Starting baseline commission of 3% for every sale referred by you

Payouts every month

Increased foot traffic and exposure for your business

Access to the Décathlon network of clients, athletes, coaches and more

Great online tools to get you real results, such as banners, interactive widgets and promotion on your website

Weekly newsletters updating you on our new collections, exclusive collaborations and recommended products

A dedicated Partnership Manager who is pleased to assist you

With close to a 100% satisfaction rating from our global Click & Collect Partners, Décathlon invites you to apply and find out if our partnership program is right for you.