Online Affiliates and Sports Businesses

Working with Décathlon Canada is a worthwhile path to growing your business and encouraging your community to play more sports! Décathlon has multiple partnership programs with which to engage your business; finding the right fit is easy.

Become an Online Sports Affiliate Partner

Do you have a presence online? Perhaps you’re a blogger and have a great camping website? Or maybe you’re an influencer? Taking Instagram and Youtube by storm when posting about all the different countries where you’ve run marathons. Even prolific posters who are involved in online communities and message boards can work with Décathlon. Let us know what your business is and we’ll tell you exactly how we can work together.

Receive up to 10% commission

30 days' cookie time

Free product testing

Access to 25,000 different products

65 different sports

Promotional material for every sport

Monthly payment of the commission

Sporting collaboration with Décathlon

How does it work?

There is an approval process for every single partner who wants to join us, so if you’re unsure, just contact us and we’ll be able to tell you right way how we can work together!

Bloggers, influencers, shopping comparison sites, content sites, loyalty sites and anyone who has a sports-related website are welcome to join.

Benefits of working with Décathlon for Online Affiliates and Sports Businesses

The benefits of working with Décathlon Canada are numerous and a great way to drive growth.

Free to join

Access to 25,000 different products across 65 different sports

Gifting of sports products

Starting baseline commission of 3% for every sale referred by you, paid out every month

Commissions approved after 60 days

30-day cookie tracking to ensure you get credit for every sale

Real-time reporting and sales tracking

Great online tools to get you real results, such as banners, product feeds, interactive widgets and much, much more!

Weekly newsletters updating you on our new collections, exclusive collaborations and recommended products

Access to additional information prior to sales and special events

A dedicated Partnership Manager who is pleased to assist you